Sunday, August 1, 2010

Broken Heart

Waiting for you, i had a dream
you appeared on a movie scene
your eyes are as black as the night
your smile is the answer to my life

waiting for i had a dream
you and me sitting by a stream
I look at you from the corner of my eye
If i could, i would never let this moment pass by..

waiting for you i had a dream
under the moonlit night in the cool summer breeze
on the rooftop you sing my song for me
i make a wish to be with you for eternity

now i wake up from my dreams
wondering if its real or just my fantasy
waiting has become a fever my body wont survive
is there a way that you can make me feel alive

reality has struck me like lightening
not being close to you is just so frightening
the dreams i had create a fear so deep
i feel your absence though you have never been with me

not long from now when we will come together
you and me with another lover
but life is to uncertain so might never meet
you and me and our destines

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


the colour of the sky is midnight blue
the sound of the storm gave me a clue
the trees in the forest grow wilder at night
lets get started, dont wait for the morning light

friends they have been for so long
strength and support still go strong
laughter & tears, arguments & beers
love & fear, forever oh dear

telephone bills, mom dad go for kills
pajama party, girls go naughty
late night gossips, mostly devoid of logic
bunking classes, cafe's filled with masses

14 point someone's are discussed at night
dreaming of someone called Mr. RIGHT
get dressed to have a wild time
all with different places in mind

coffee is their survival guide
frappe is not all that they have tried
cosmopolitan is not just a magazine
'sex on the beach' is not an M.B. scene

being with me is not an easy task
you find me even if i am wearing a mask
soon we'l all part our ways
but thats only physical, coz in my hearts you'll always stay

we had our fights and had them bad
forgiving is easy, whats difficult is to forget
forgive me if i ever hurt you dear
will love you so, far or near.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Unlucky in love, unlucky in life....

There was a time not long ago,
I waited for whom i did not know,
Dreaming of him every night,
Woke up with a hope in my eyes,

He appeared when the sea was calm,
Like a breeze that would do no harm,
These winds became strong one day,
Now in this storm I know of no way

At the horizon he was standing so cold,
I am on the shore, wanting to be in his hold,
I loathe the sea for being closer to him
For stroking his skin, I detest the sun too

One look from him sends shivers down my spine,
I look carefully and realise he would never be mine,
i accept my fate but don't say i did not put up a fight,
i lost miserably and such is my plight

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Living a Dream ...

Look at me my dearest love
i have waited for you enough
I breathe your name day and night
my heart skips a beat at your sight

Your words were magical and felt so true
we'll be together one day I knew
how and when will that moment be
I pictured, I thought, I dreamt to see

our story has changed its course somehow
Yours feelings have come in question now
my heart is broken and pains so bad
eyes are hazy , i feel so sad

I have lived this dream far too long
it still is difficult but i will be strong
i'll be to you what you are to me
A friend, a foe, A stranger, A mystery

Things will now be different of this am sure
i turn the page and your on it no more
Had forgotten what i was meant to do
Will start living my life to make my dreams come true ...